5 Ways to Make Sure Your Garden in Bromley is Clean and Green

Garden Clearance in Bromley

Today we're going to talk about 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Garden in Bromley is Clean and Green. Letting rubbish pile up in your garden is never a good idea from a safety perspective. It’s an open invitation to rats, mice and other rodents. Some may get the courage to enter your home and you might have to deal with a full-blown pest infestation.

Some folks don’t really care about having a beautiful garden and may not have a garden maintenance plan at all. It’s a personal decision, but only until the weeds and brambles don’t cause a problem on the neighbour’s side of the property boundary. When an overgrown garden becomes a public health nuisance, the local environmental health department will intervene.

Then, the big work begins as a weed and bramble killer, hedge trimmer and Bromley garden clearance service gives the garden a makeover. While garden waste removal is best left to clearance companies, many aspects of garden maintenance can be kept ‘in house’!

Invest in a weed trimmer

A lawnmower may not reach some parts of the garden where weeds are present. A weed trimmer helps you trim weed patches in hard-to-reach areas.

Mulching is a great way to control weeds and give your garden beds a good finish. Mulch the piles of leaves with a lawnmower. Simply run the mower over a leaf pile a few times and rake it together. Additives such as bark, straw, compost and even shredded newspapers create nutrient-rich mulch.

Depending on how fast the grass grows, weeds sprout or overgrowth makes an appearance, you can buy a grass trimmer that meets your unique requirements. Choose from cordless, electric and petrol grass trimmers. A P-shaped handle allows easy manoeuvring for cutting and edging grass.

Don’t keep the grass too short

Avoid cutting more than a third of the length of the grass. Short grass lets the sunlight reach the weeds and aids their growth. Your lawn grows faster, requiring you to spend more hours or money on mowing. Mow at the highest setting of your lawnmower to avoid cutting the grass too short and prevent any shock to the lawn from heat or cooler temperatures.

Deadhead your flower garden

A neat and clean garden in Bromley is unthinkable without deadheading flowers. There’s nothing to it: cut or pinch off the stems of flowers fading out of bloom. You can also prune a large amount of the plant in one fell swoop. Shearing back a plant after a period of heavy bloom promotes new growth and repeat blooms. Deadheading a few minutes every day or every alternate day is better than waiting at the end of the season, when the task may take longer and feel overwhelming.

Clean your garden furniture

Replace old garden furniture that no longer serves its purpose. Aged chairs and tables can pose a safety risk, especially if there are older family members who use them or kids who climb atop them.

Garden furniture accumulates dust and dirt easily. Maintaining furniture in good shape may extend their durability. Here are some tips:


  • Add sugar soap to warm water. Apply to furniture and remove stubborn dirt with a scrubbing brush.

  • Remove mildew from furniture using a solution of household bleach, washing powder and warm water. Wear gloves when handling bleach solutions.

  • If your oak garden furniture is more than ten years old, apply oil or sealant to nourish the wood and create a strong sealant for the furniture. However, avoid applying sealants or oil on new oak garden furniture as they can blacken the wood and gather dirt.


  • Teak is naturally resistant to the elements, and can be easily cleaned using plain water. Cleaning once every two weeks is sufficient to keep your teak garden furniture looking new and attractive.

  • Soap water and a soft sponge are adequate in getting rid of stubborn stains.

  • Plastic

Dirty plastic furniture is an eyesore. Follow these simple tips to maintain its sheen:

  • To 1L of warm water, add 50ml of vinegar. Wipe down the chairs and tables, and hose off.

  • To get rid of stubborn stains, add some bicarbonate of soda to a sponge and wipe off the stains.

  • After the furniture is dry, spray a bit of WD-40 on it and polish to bring colour and shine back to the furniture.


Metal furniture is susceptible to rusting/oxidation. Use a mild cleaning agent on early signs of stains. Remove stubborn stains using white vinegar, a natural cleaning agent; you can increase its potency by adding a pinch of salt. Rinse the metal furniture with vinegar and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off with a scrubber and rag.

How to make your garden more colourful

There are several ways to encourage plant growth and add a big dash of colour to your garden. One is to add crushed eggshells to nourish the soil - it not only keeps soil healthy but also repels insects. Spray apple cider vinegar to plants to keep pests and bugs away. If you have plants that thrive in acidic conditions, apple cider vinegar can be helpful in getting rid of mould.

Prune damaged and infected limbs in a timely manner to prevent plant disease from spreading to new growth. Use a sharp tool to make clean cuts as it promotes quick healing, and follow proper pruning techniques to easily grow healthy, living tissue.

Declutter your garden shed

Sooner or later, you will need to clean out your messy shed groaning with lawn equipment, gardening tools, unused furniture and sporting gear. There’s no point in keeping what you don’t need. A Bromley garden clearance company can remove rubbish within a day safely and in adherence to applicable rules, such as skip permits. As part of garden clearance and rubbish removal, some services also dispose of metal or wooden sheds.