Coping with Rubbish Clearance in Deptford Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown measures have made it challenging for the country’s homeowners to dispose of their household waste. Recycling centres are inoperable although rubbish removal services are open across the country. If you’re a Deptford resident, a rubbish removal company that collects and recycles waste is the safest and most convenient solution. Today we're talking about coping with rubbish clearance in Deptford lockdown.

Waste and recycling service available at Landmann Way

Recycling centres have opened doors but restrictions are in place to ensure social distancing. The reuse and recycling centre at Landmann Way is open, but you must book a slot to visit. According to the Lewisham Council website, residents must be prepared for a delay owing to high demand.

In view of social distancing measures, you are not allowed to bring mixed loads to the centre. You can book a slot for one type of disposal only - green waste, mixed recyclables or textiles. The site offers co-mingled recycling, with all recyclables going into one container and separated off site.

You will need to show your ID and proof of address at the site. Only hard copies will be accepted.

Self-isolating? Take these waste disposal precautions.

If you’re in quarantine or recovering from COVID-19 at home, make sure you double bag your personal waste and keep it somewhere safe for 72 hours before placing it out for collection. Alternatively, Defra advises people suspected to have COVID-19 not to put waste in communal waste areas until tests have ruled them negative. Personal waste includes wipes, used tissues and cleaning cloths.

Too much waste? Use these tips to make the most of your existing bins.

During lockdown, dealing with household waste can be problematic. Try to recycle as much as possible. You can add paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and cartons - including tins, aerosols, cans, tetra-paks, food, foil, tubs and pots - to your household recycling bin.

A food caddy is invaluable in recycling leftovers and peelings. Throw expired food, coffee grounds, tea bags and any raw or cooked food scraps into the caddy.

To make the most of the available space in your bin, squeeze air out of bottles and plastic containers. Break down recyclable goods so they take up less space when flat in the bin. Stack plastic cups inside each other to save space. Compress rubbish before adding it to your refuse bin.

Planning to sow and plant in June? Compost garden waste.

After June 21, warmer temperatures and abundant sunlight are likely to beckon gardeners. During these bleak times, gardening can be therapeutic and at the very least - a distraction from any negative thoughts that may enter your mind from time to time.

There are options aplenty for your June vegetable garden, from broccoli, carrots and peas to cucumber, chicory, beetroot, kale, chard, radishes and everyone’s favourite - potatoes!

Use the waste from gardening activities to make a compost. The greens you can compost include grass clippings, weeds, uncooked kitchen waste, vegetables and fruits. Some of the browns that can go into making your compost are hedge trimmings, woodchip, leaves, shredded paper and cards, and plant stems. A mix of grass cuttings and shredded cards makes a good mulch for flower beds, nourishing the soil underneath bushes and hedges.

Avoid burning garden waste as it can adversely affect local air quality. Your neighbours may not take kindly to the smoke and odour.

Any gardening waste that you cannot compost, and any rubbish lying around - such as old garden furniture and landscaping waste - doesn’t have to stick around until lockdown is lifted. A Deptford garden clearance service can just as easily haul the waste away, arranging for a skip permit and following appropriate social distancing measures.

Is the lockdown a good time to clear out your attic or garden shed?

It may seem counterintuitive to spend energy on a big clean out when you’re spending most of your time indoors. However, the lockdown is a good time to clean and declutter. You can turn it into a family activity, giving the kids something to do other than sitting before their computers and smartphones.

The loft is often a dumping place for the things we’re not sure we need. Britain is a nation of hoarders after all, and if your attic is pretty empty, you may be displaying uncharacteristic Brit behaviour! On the other hand, if your loft is due for a declutter, you only need to separate what you need from what you don’t and let a house clearance Deptford service take care of the rest.

If you haven’t used something for six to seven months, you’re likely never going to use it ever. Have many items of sentimental value in your loft? Some may be so old and worn-out that there’s no point in keeping them any longer. Perhaps one or two items may have some collectible value, like a 100-year old typewriter in decent shape. The lockdown is a good time as any to ascertain how much you can make from a vintage item.

Your garden shed and garage may have equipment and items that have been gathering dust for a long time. It may be difficult to part with the expensive items you’ve never or barely used, but unless you’re committed to taking advantage of them once lockdown ends, your garage doesn’t need them. If the unused treadmill, roller skates or skiing gear are useable, you can consider donating them.

Bathroom cabinets are usually filled with medicines and personal grooming products past their expiration date. Beware: that out-of-date moisturizer you decide to use only on your feet may cause burns and rashes.

The kitchen cabinets may be hoarding herbs, tins and sauces that have lost their flavour after a year or more of remaining unopened. Old pans and pots can also go in the bin.

A little more rubbish clearance?

Rubbish clearance Deptford companies are operational during the lockdown, so don’t hesitate to dispose of old cupboards, beds and sofas in the weeks to come. Decluttering is a practical task that doesn’t require a lot of introspection. It is yet another option to stay productive during quarantine - as the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new.