Electronic Waste Disposal in London - E-Waste

The UK's government are presently going to a UN conference on environment change and trying to find methods to curb our greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, London's Mayor is attempting to suppress excessive waste disposal by UK corporations and companies.

The mayor has implemented a number of recycling efforts to minimize waste. The goal is to increase the amount of waste being recycled from the 20 percent predicted in 2003 to over 60 percent.

Electronic Waste Collection in London

Londoners produce 3.4 million tonnes of rubbish each year, a big percentage of which is electronic and electrical waste. The implementation of the WEEE instruction in 2007 intended to suppress this issue by getting us to recycle our old televisions, computers, and basic electrical waste. In Greater London, where businesses predominate, the issue of waste electronic equipment is more predominant and makes up the majority of hardware disposed of each year.

London businesses are constantly upgrading computer systems, purchasing replacement shredders, and changing obsolete copy machines, printers and faxes. The waste by-product was previously discarded in the basic waste stream, which unfortunately wound up on a barge heading for an incinerator somewhere along the Thames Estuary.

The Recycle for London effort, founded by and headed up by the Mayor of London, was executed to help in reducing this waste. Long before the WEEE directive entered force, London companies were recycling their paper, plastics and toner cartridges. The WEEE directive suggested that it ended up being a legal requirement for workplaces to recycle their old electronics too. In Greater London, this has had the effect of numerous new companies springing up to consult with the needs of the thousands of companies needing to recycle their old computers, servers, printers, copy machines and faxes.

It's likewise had the extra result of lowering the workload carried out by waste disposal firms in London, which are funded by Council taxes. The result, in the long term will be a redistribution of the money obtained from taxes into other public sectors that are in need of additional funding.

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