Five Strategies To Ensure Full House Clearance in Bexley

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Five Strategies To Ensure Full House Clearance in Bexley

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Looking to declutter your home or moving to your new home in Bexley? Sometimes, homeowners want to completely change their home to give it a whole new look and feel. The journey of remodelling your home or moving to a smaller or bigger space is exciting. At the same time, there are so many details that you need to focus on. One of the first things you need to attend to when decluttering or moving is clearing your house of unwanted items. Disposing of your furniture and other bulky household items requires careful thought and planning.

Five ways to optimize full house clearance

Here are five strategies that can help you ensure efficient house clearance in Bexley:

1. Consider getting it repaired

If your furniture is damaged, worn out or just outdated, you might be considering replacing them with new ones. Furniture is one of the household items that take up a lot of space and cannot be disposed of in the trash like other rubbish. In the U.K., more than 22 million furniture items are thrown away each year that adds to the burden of landfill. There surely are some ways you can explore to conserve your furniture and minimize landfill.

A 2018 survey by NLWA (North London Waste Authority) showed that less than one out of ten people try to repair their damaged or broken furniture. If your furniture has minor damage, consider getting it repaired or upholstered to give it a new look. You can also look at getting your other expensive appliances repaired instead of throwing them away.

2. Donate

If any of your household items such as carpets, rugs, electrical appliances are in good condition, you can also look at donating them. There are dedicated reuse areas and donation centres in Bexley where you can place these items that are suitable for reuse. This will help someone who might be looking for such appliances or household items while preventing overburdening landfill. You can hire a skip to transport your bulky items, but these are difficult to load on to the skip. If you want to use your own vehicle to transport bulky items, it is important to know that there could be weight and height restrictions as well for your vehicle. The habit of hoarding can also contribute to house clutter that can include clothes, kitchen utensils, crockery, TVs, monitors, fixtures, carpet, plastic, glass, cardboard and other garden waste. If you have accumulated such items over time that you are not using, you can consider donating them as well. Expert clutter clearance companies can help you segregate these household items and transport them to a relevant recycling facility.

3. Recycle as many items as you can

The NLWA survey also revealed that about 50 per cent of homeowners toss furniture and other belongings along with general non-recyclable waste. This is one of the reasons why the capacity for residual waste treatment has had to be doubled from 6.5 million tonnes eight years ago to the current 13.5 million tonnes in the U.K.

Most furniture, including worn-out ones can be recycled, particularly the ones made from metal and/or wood. These items can be taken to the local Bexley recycling centre.

Fridges cannot be placed like other household waste in the skip. Refrigerators contain greenhouse gases and are classified as hazardous waste. Some fridge components pose a serious threat to the environment and cannot be thrown away. These components are the ozone-depleting substances that must be removed before the fridge is recycled or disposed of in a landfill. Fly tipping of the fridge can earn a fine of £2,500. Most local scrap yards will not accept fridges either.

More than five million tonnes worth of plastic is consumed in the U.K. each year and about 25 per cent of it is recycled. Non-recycled plastic enters the environment, pollutes water bodies and oceans while damaging the ecosystem. Food containers, bottles and other plastic items are slow to degrade because of their chemical structure and pose a huge challenge. Moving to a new home or remodelling your entire home is a great opportunity to reduce and recycle plastic items in your home. The good news is, Bexley has earned the distinction of being the top recycling London borough with 52.7 per cent of all waste sent for composting or recycling.

4. Sell or trade

For furniture such as sofa, chairs or tables that are still in good condition, you can consider selling them. There are many online sites that allow you to place an ad for free after you open an account and post pictures of your furniture. Price it reasonably to increase the chances of it being sold. However, there are chances of fraud with online transactions. It is important to take precautions when meeting the buyer and to not hand over the furniture before getting paid. Safety is of paramount importance in such online transactions and sharing your personal information to strangers can pose a serious risk to your security.

5. Hire a full house clearance expert in Bexley

A full house clearance can also mean clearing out your garage, loft, basement, storage units and/or garden sheds, apart from bulky items such as stair lifts, fitted kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom suites, tiles, flooring, boats, bikes, vehicles, machinery and large glass or concrete panes. These items cannot be loaded on a skip and transported to a local waste collection centre. Verminous waste such as decaying garden rubbish, animal or human waste, or decomposing kitchen waste poses significant health and safety risks. These types of waste require a full house clearance specialist who can remove and dispose of such verminous waste safely and efficiently.

An experienced, licensed and insured full house clearance specialist in Bexley can help you dispose of bulky, hazardous and recyclable items quickly and safely. When you need your entire house cleared in quick time, hiring a full house clearance company in Bexley is the most cost effective and efficient solution.