How to Choose the Best Builders Waste Clearance Company in South London

Builders Clearance Companies in South London

Today we will show you how to choose the best builders waste clearance company in South London. An avoidable part of any building process is the waste that accumulates afterwards. From plaster to bricks, and paint and debris – there is a lot of rubbish to deal with before, during and after building. The problem is the same the world over, and South London is no different. Whether you are the manager of a building site, or a domestic customer, clearing builders waste is not an easy task.

How can you get rid property of all the traces that builders leave behind, quickly and efficiently? Your best option is to hire a builders’ waste clearance company – but are some of these clearance companies better than others, and if they are how can you choose the best builders clearance company in South London? Here are some questions to ask to help you choose and hire the best.

Does the rubbish clearance company service South London?

This might seem like a very basic question – one that need not be asked – a question that is just taken for granted. But consider this situation - You make a call to a rubbish clearance company, and you tell them your requirements, and they are happy to help you with clearing builders waste. About 15 minutes into the conversation, the company executive asks you about the construction site location. You tell them that the site is located in Blackheath.

There is a pause, and then the company executive says that he regrets to inform you that the company does not service South London. That is a lot of time wasted for you and for the company executive. One of the most important questions to ask at the very beginning of your conversation is whether the company services South London.

Is the builder’s waste clearance company licensed?

Building waste is dirty, dangerous, and toxic. A lot of this waste is also large, heavy, and unsightly. Builders are responsible for getting rid of all waste. Failure to get rid of this waste safely can lead to huge fines. When choosing a builders’ waste clearance company, find out if the company is licensed for clearing builders waste from South London.

Does the company have the right equipment to get rid of the waste?

If the waste is very large and heavy, it might not fit into your van. If you are planning on hiring a company that offers building site clearance, ensure they have the proper equipment and trucks to do the job before you hire them.

Where will the rubbish clearance company dump your waste?

Don’t take for granted that the company you hire will get rid of your waste in the right manner. Find out where your waste will be dumped. Ensure that the dumping site is legal and that the company has permission to dump there. If you accidentally hire a fly-by-night company that dumps your waste in an illegal area, you could end up paying a hefty fine for something that you were not responsible for.

Is the rubbish clearance team qualified?

Reliable waste clearance teams work with a specialized team of clearance professionals who know everything about waste – from segregation to safe disposal, recycling, and everything else there is to know in the business. Your best bet is to hire a team that knows what it is doing, and how to do it legally, safely, and efficiently, and how to dispose of your waste in an environmentally-friendly manner.

How long will it take to clear out the rubbish?

Will the waste clearance company send out a team whenever you need them, or is there a waiting period? How long will it take to clear out the debris and waste?

While some companies are very prompt and send out a team ASAP, there are others that might simply sit on the job. There are still others who turn up to get the job done, but because of manpower or vehicles/tools, they drag the cleaning process for days on end.

Will the company give you a quote on the job to be done?

Most waste clearance companies in South London will not give you a quote without seeing what they are dealing with. There are some, however, who are willing to give you a ballpark figure regarding how much the entire job will cost you.

About Rubbish Cleared

Rubbish Cleared is a licensed rubbish clearance company that is located in South East London. The company offers a wide range of services such as rubbish removal, building site clearance, house clearance, commercial and domestic rubbish clearance and more.

All the services offered by Rubbish Cleared are carried out by professional and fully-trained operatives. Each member of the team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the waste management industry.

No matter what type of rubbish needs to be cleared from the construction site – toxic material, wood, PVC material, concrete, pipes, or anything else – the company can handle it.

The company sends out a team promptly – fully equipped to clean out your building site within a day. So, you can get your cleaning crew to come in and continue with the cleaning process.

As for a quote on how much the job will cost, you can send in pictures of the material to be cleared, and the company will give you a ballpark figure.

A company like Rubbish Cleared will remove builders waste from any part of the building site, as long as they have access and can sort it out into reusable, recyclable, and waste for the landfill. They will also sweep up all dust and debris and have the site ready for you to carry on with your work.

There are several advantages to hiring a builders waste clearance company to remove all wastes from a site – they save money, time, and are a hassle-free solution to get rid of builders waste. While there are several rubbish removal companies in London, choosing the right builders waste clearance company in South London is tricky. By asking the right questions, you can find the best builders waste clearance company in South London.