How To Ensure Your Eltham Office Is Environmentally-Friendly

Today we're looking at how to ensure your Eltham office is environmentally-friendly. The smallest changes made by a business or manufacturer can have a massive impact on our environment. Today, more and more companies in Eltham are becoming conscious of ‘Corporate social responsibility’ and the ‘environmental impact’ of operational and purchasing processes. It is critical today, more than ever before, to consider how your Eltham office can become more environmentally friendly. The good news is that when you create an environmentally-friendly workplace, your clients are happy, and your brand’s reputation increases rapidly. Here are some tips to ensure your Eltham office is environmentally friendly.

Set up a ‘green team’ within your Eltham office

Create a green team within your Eltham office. The team should consist of members from different departments so that you get different business perspectives. For example, a member from the marketing team can come up with ideas on how to effectively communicate your green initiative across the organisation; and someone from the operations team can ensure that you get the best environmentally-friendly products.

You can even simply allocate one member in your office to be a Green Champion who can get the entire office to brainstorm on new ideas that can be implemented to create a more environmentally-friendly workplace environment.

Empower your staff and allow them to make essential decisions and introduce new initiatives that encourage employees to improve their recycling processes. You can extend this initiative to your customers as well.

Some initiatives within the office can include no dustbins and no plastic bottles.

Use environmentally-friendly products

What do you do with an ink-pen that runs out of ink? Do you throw it in the dust bin? That’s what we have been doing for ages. Our landfills are filled with perfectly reusable pens and other implements that we simply get rid of without a thought. Consider stocking up on reusable or recyclable stationery products.

Environmentally-friendly stationery can help the environment but also reduce the amount of waste that eventually lands up in landfills. These products are user-friendly, improve your eco-credentials, and save you a lot of money.

Ensure the management or your Green Champion controls all office supplies, so your employees do not take these products for granted.

There are several recycling schemes available today that help Eltham businesses efficiently recycle their used batteries, ink cartridges, and other products.

Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

One aspect of going environmentally-friendly is ensuring that you use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products in your Eltham office. These products not only improve the health of your cleaning staff and other employees, but they also help remove harmful toxins from the workplace. Using eco-friendly products will also reduce the amount of harsh and dangerous chemicals going into our water systems.

Review your waste

Reviewing the waste in your Eltham office is an effective way to understand what your business is using and what you are throwing away. Your waste provider might even have a portal that you can log into and see the split of waste to landfill and recycling. That will give you a good idea of how much of your waste is recycled, and indicate any changes needed.

Conduct regular waste reviews to measure the success and impact of your initiative to convert your Eltham office to an environmentally-friendly workplace.

Introduce new waste management policies

You can introduce new waste management policies to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. For example, if the dustbin in front of the water cooler is filled to the brim by the end of the day with plastic cups, you could try replacing your regular plastic water cups with an eco-friendly and biodegradable version. Or, you could simply ask your employees to carry their own mugs to work.

Have a set of proper stainless-steel cutlery available for staff to use at lunchtime instead of paper plates and plastic cutlery. Encourage employees to carry their lunch in reusable containers and not plastic bags.

Reduce energy consumption

Heating, lighting, gas, and electricity consumption all play a critical role in the overall impact your office has on the environment. Make your Eltham office more energy efficient. That is a more complicated step than turning to recyclable stationery and introducing new waste management policies as it requires a budget, long-term planning, and management buy-in. Nevertheless, this must be done.

Identify hotspots of energy consumption within your Eltham office, and engage employees to come up with ideas to deal with these issues.

Install energy-efficient appliances

The amount of power used in your Eltham office will contribute to the health of the environment. If your office is a power guzzler, it will naturally require more energy from power sources that produce fossil fuels in the atmosphere. Switch to energy-efficient alternatives. For example, you can use LED lights that are 80% more effective and last longer than incandescent bulbs. You can replace power-guzzling machines – including the water heater, with energy-efficient ones.

Hire reliable waste management and commercial clearance services in Eltham

A reliable commercial waste collection company that works in the Eltham area will be able to help you with proper waste collection and disposal.

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