How To Move Home Without Adding Years onto Your Life!

This post will discuss how to move home, without adding years on to your life!

Everyone moves home at some stage, and everybody knows the tensions and pressures that are inherent with the logistical headache that is moving house. Here are some pointers that can assist.

Avoid the stress of moving home!
How to move home with as little stress as possible

Preparation – This one is totally obvious but definitely needs to be mentioned. Plan as far in advance as you can. Planning too much is far less of an issue than insufficient preparation!

Dates - Try to sort out dates. This will dictate most of the preparation. Whether to store your personal belongings, whether to get accommodation prior to moving in or whether you can move directly in to your new property.

Packaging - Try packing gradually instead of in one mad dash. It can make the entire thing appear less intimidating if you chip away at it until the majority of the work has been done.

Storage - Try to avoid expensive storage alternatives if you can. If something happens which means that you cannot move into your property as planned, and you need to store your possessions for much longer than intended, it can end up being VERY COSTLY! In fact, we’ve heard several times from clients that the cost of storing their possessions has exceeded the value of the items they were storing. Keep this in mind and never, ever store items that you don’t need or you’re not 100% certain that you’ll have a use for them in the future! There are waste clearance companies such as Rubbish Cleared that can help you throw away or perhaps recycle anything that you do not need or use. Any old furnishings or large items that may not have a place in your new house can be easily "cleared" and will never bother you again!

Exchanging contracts - Be sure not to underestimate the delays and hold-up tactics you may encounter. It’s not over until the fat lady sings as they say!

Relocating - Finally, you may have the keys to your brand-new home, but there is still much to do! The enjoyment might press you through the final stage without too much tension, but do not forget there are still phone lines, broadband, names on bills to change and much more!