Rubbish Proof Your Lewisham Home

Humans all over the world – even in Lewisham, collect stuff. We reach a point where we have so much material that we run out places to put them. There are several items that we use every day, and then when we don’t need them anymore, they lie around unused, collecting dust in a corner. Over the years, we pile up rubbish. The more we consume, the larger our rubbish problem. In short, our beautiful Lewisham homes become places to hoard rubbish. But there are several ways you can rubbish proof your Lewisham house. Revive your Lewisham house to its original beauty with our rubbish proofing tips.

Bottles, cartons, and shopping bags

1. Don’t overbuy. Reduce your consumption of resources. When you think of it in terms of using up resources that your grandchildren might need to live on, it only makes sense to cut down on what you buy today drastically.

2. Do a monthly check to understand your buying patterns and habits, and to understand where you are making unnecessary purchases.

3. Avoid buying beverages in single-serving bottles that you must throw away. Avoid buying juices and sodas for your own health’s sake. Avoid buying anything that comes in single-serve packages – this includes gum, popsicles, granola bars, and candy.

4. Abstain from the temptation of buying bottled water. Water bottles and even coffee cups lead to massive wastes of material. Plus, they just add to the rubbish in your home. Carry your own water bottle around – or simply make up your favourite drink in a mason jar. These are reusable and easy to clean. Plus, they are very trendy.

5. When making your coffee, choose a French press or coffee maker over single-serving packages. You can even try a reusable coffee filter in your coffee maker.

6. if you are in the habit of ordering regularly, you probably have a stack of containers from restaurants. Instead, take your reusable containers to takeout restaurants. Most restaurants will oblige if you hand over the boxes when you place your order.

7. Buy your milk in reusable glass bottles that are also returnable. Some stores even give you back some money for bringing in their empty bottles.

8. Rubbish proof your Lewisham house by getting returnable cartons to vendors at the farmers’ market for reuse.

9. When shopping, carry your own reusable bags for both your produce and bulk items. These easily fit in your pocket, plus you won’t end up with a ton of bags that add to the rubbish in your house.

Papers, clothes, magazines and household items

10. Subscribe to magazines and newspapers? Cancel these subscriptions and opt to read the online version instead. You can even buy e-books instead of purchasing paperbacks.

11. Use both sides of a paper before you recycle it. Or use used up paper to create upcycled crafts.

12. Instead of throwing away old clothes, give away clothes that are in good condition to charities or to those less fortunate who can use them. Clothes that are not in good condition make good rags that come handy when you are cleaning your house. They are a much better alternative to paper towels.

13. Instead of using single-use plastic razors and blade cartridges, consider switching to an electric razor or a straight razor if you are a man, or to waxing with a cloth if you are a woman.

14 Switch to cloth napkins and hand towels in the kitchen. These can be washed regularly and reused.

15. To avoid all the harmful chemicals and throwaway plastic bottles, consider making your own non-toxic household cleaners. Put it in a recycled glass vinegar bottle fitted with a repurposed spray nozzle, and you are good to go.

16. Don’t buy anything disposable. Instead, look for durable goods that might be more expensive, but that will last you longer.

17. Try not to buy anything that comes in packaging. If you can borrow these items from neighbours, you will not only make a step toward rubbish proofing your Lewisham house but saving a lot of money as well.

18. Make a game with your family members to see just how little trash each one creates and how small you can keep your garbage bag every week.

Cleaning, simplifying, composting, and recycling

19. Do a regular house clean. General cleaning can be effortless if done regularly. Failing to do this will lead to an accumulation of dirt, dust, and a lot of rubbish that collects surely but steadily over time.

20. Get to know the rules of recycling. It’s quite simple to figure out the recycling system if you take the time to do a bit of research on the subject. Since recycling standards can vary from one place to another, ensure you know the specific rules that apply to the Lewisham area.

21. Start composting. A good bit of your kitchen waste can be composted and returned in a safe way to the earth. A compost bin and some extra space are all you need to start a compost that can be fed back into your garden.

22. Learn to repair instead of discarding. Instead of purchasing something to replace something broken, why not try fixing the broken item? You might even find it very enjoyable and satisfying to repair something.

23. If your mailbox is overloaded with junk mail and catalogues, take the time out to cancel unwanted and unnecessary subscriptions. It might take a bit of time to do this, but it will make your coffee table less cluttered and reduce your paper waste significantly.

24. Hire a house clearance expert to get rid of unwanted domestic house waste that you have collected over the years. Rubbish Cleared is a London-based rubbish removal company that offers its services to the London borough of Lewisham. Simply call the company, and they will help rubbish proof your Lewisham house by getting rid of all the rubbish within a day. If you have pictures of the rubbish that needs to be cleared, they will send you an approximate quote. As well as house clearance services, the company also provides garden rubbish clearances services.