Six Benefits of Hiring A Professional Garden Clearance Company

Professional Garden Clearance Services

Today we will look at the six benefits of hiring a professional garden clearance company. Brits love gardens. More than 80 per cent of U.K. residents have a private garden in their home. However, keeping your garden in top shape is hard work and requires careful planning. Gardens create a significant amount of bulky waste which can also be difficult to get rid of safely. As gardens need regular maintenance, be it summer, autumn or winter, many homeowners face the tough task of bagging up all the garden waste, carrying the heavy sacks to the car and making frequent trips to the recycling centre.

If you are looking for the best way to ensure your garden is clean and green, hiring a professional garden clearance company is the ideal solution.

Six key benefits of hiring a professional garden clearance company

There are many benefits of letting a trained professional handle your garden clearance, and here are the top six ones:

  • Ensures your garden is healthy and attractive

Time is of the essence when it comes to garden clearance. It is important to remove garden waste in a quick time frame. The garden waste, when left around the lawn, causes the grass underneath to die, leading to unsightly muddy patches.

Removing debris and dead leaves quickly will ensure pests and insects have fewer hiding spaces. Pests can impact new plants that grow in spring in a significant devastating way. Dead plant material is also a breeding ground for fungal spores that cause plant diseases. Removing dying leaves, blackened stems, dead tree branches and rotting vegetables if any will help you prevent safe havens for insect eggs and plant diseases.

Organic matter starts to decay in no time creating unpleasant smells while insects are drawn to the decaying matter. Apart from all this, piled up garden waste makes your garden look unattractive and prevents its full utilisation.

Ensuring your garden is healthy also involves clearing it of any junk that can potentially harm or injure anyone walking in it. These include sharp or broken pieces of wood or glass, nails, old or rusted containers and other damaged material. A cluttered garden shed can also be a hiding place for rodents that further hamper your garden’s health.

Leading garden clearance companies in London and Kent ensure effective and swift garden clearance that prevents any harm to your garden while restoring its functionality and beauty. Professional garden clearance companies offer same day service and consult with you to choose the most convenient time for a pick up that prevents any disruption to your routine.

  • Saves time, cost and effort

When you have a huge amount of garden waste to clear, it is more cost-effective to hire a garden clearance company as compared to the traditional skip hire. Not only is it difficult to load the skip when you have a huge amount of garden refuse including heavy tools, machinery or greenhouse that you are looking to remove, but the available skip sizes are also limited. Having to make numerous trips to the recycling centre with the skip will eliminate any cost advantage while there is the additional hassle of devoting your valuable time towards transporting. Another reason why a skip may not offer a full return on your investment is that you will end up paying the cost of a full load even if you have refuse that only partly fills the skip.

A professional garden clearance company will charge based on the exact volume of garden waste that needs to be removed while handling the entire task from start to finish. This saves considerable time, effort and cost while giving you an optimal return on your garden clearance investment.

  • Professionals have the right tools

An experienced garden clearance company is not only insured and licensed but has the right tools to carry out garden clearance in an efficient manner. At times, specialised tools, such as shears and rakes, may be required to trim overgrown hedges and branches. When you are undertaking intensive landscaping work or giving your garden an overhaul, you are likely to be surprised by the amount of garden waste that these tasks can generate. The heavier or more voluminous the garden waste is, the more difficult it is for you to manage its disposal on your own.

Professional rubbish clearance experts have insured vans and trucks to transport any scale of garden rubbish for disposal including metal sheds, topsoil, landscaping waste, old garden furniture and log cabins.

  • Optimal recycling of garden waste

An eco-friendly garden clearance company ensures their practices are aligned with London’s commitment to conserving the environment, which is to recycle 65 per cent of all waste by 2030. Burning and improper incineration of garden waste can lead to environmental contamination and release greenhouse gases. Rather than burning the trimmed bushes and branches, a professional garden clearance company ensures they are recycled with mulching, production of manure or composting.

  • All types of garden waste can be removed

Leading garden clearance companies offer a wide range of end-to-end rubbish clearance services. They are experienced in handling removal of any type of garden waste, including organic matter such as grass cuttings, soil, tree roots, branches, turf, dead leaves and non-organic rubbish. When you are looking to remove your garden furniture, old shed, greenhouse, fence, concrete or tiles, glass panes and any electrical machinery, hiring a full-service garden clearance company is the best course of action. Certain electrical components and hazardous chemicals and fertilisers cannot be thrown away in landfills and require specialized handling that only professionals can ensure. These companies also ensure these items are disposed of in a responsible and safe way while recycling up to 90 per cent of what they collect.

  • Professionals are insured against any damage

Not all garden clearance tasks are simple. Using shears, rakes, and other tools in the garden can expose you to injuries while there are also risks of property damage due to lifting of heavy equipment such as ladders, machinery or garden furniture. A key benefit of hiring professionals for garden clearance is that they are fully insured. They have the right kind of liability insurance that ensures any claim on personal injury or property damage is covered.