Six Steps to Choosing the Best Garden Clearance Company in Greenwich

Garden Clearance in Greenwich

Today we discuss the six steps to choosing the best garden clearance company in Greenwich. Local councils have traditionally managed waste clearance in England and specifically, London. However, the increasing population and rise in garbage generation have overwhelmed the local administration. Private rubbish clearance companies have joined in the efforts to keep London clean and green. More and more people today in Greenwich and other London boroughs rely on private waste management companies.

These companies are reliable and thorough, aside from being easy to work with. Whether you are looking for office clearance or garden clearance, you can hire the best garden clearance company in Greenwich for a reasonable fee to get rid of accumulated waste efficiently.

It can be challenging, however, to choose the right waste clearance company in Greenwich and surrounding areas with so many private companies now offering these services. It is important to note that not all private rubbish clearance companies are what they claim to be.

What can garden clearance companies remove?

Garden rubbish clearance involves the removal of unwanted items in the garden and is part of your garden maintenance. From an old pile lying around in the corner of your garden to the junk in your garden shed, there are many things that your garden does not require and need to be cleared. Here are some of the items that can be cleared from your garden:

Garden refuse or organic materials such as leaves, potted plants, old or broken pots, loose branches, twigs, shrubs, soil, cut grass, unused or damaged greenhouses and sheds, damaged lawnmowers.

Wood materials such as fencing, lumber, gates, firewood and plywood

Furniture, including armchairs, garden furniture, sofa beds, sofas, filing cabinets, benches

General waste, including boxes, bins, paper, garden tools, kitchenware, clothes

Appliances, such as boilers, cookers, grill, lighting or other equipment used in your garden

General waste, such as broken patio or flooring, plaster, pallets, glass, concrete, crates, tiles, wood, and miscellaneous rubbish

Steps to hire the best garden clearance company

No matter what type or volume of garden rubbish you wish to get rid of, it is critical to hire an experienced and reliable garden clearance company in Greenwich.

Here are six steps that can help you choose the most trusted garden clearance company in Greenwich:

  • The most reliable and easiest way to pick a garden clearance company is to speak to your family members or friends and ask them to recommend a waste clearance company. Find out if they know of or have hired a reputable garden clearance company who offer their services in Greenwich. Get the contact number or website address of the company that your friend or family member recommends and speak to the company representative. It is advisable to choose a waste clearance company that has been tried and tested by people that you trust.

  • The second option to finding a reliable garden clearance company is to conduct an internet search. The leading garden clearance companies in Greenwich or London, in general, have a strong online presence and have well-designed websites. Make a list of companies that provide services in the Greenwich area and visit their websites to know more about the services they offer. Using search keywords such as ‘the best garden clearance company in Greenwich’ can yield more accurate results. Choosing a local company is the ideal solution as they are more accessible and can reach your location in quick time.

After zeroing in on the private garden clearance companies in your area, research on the kind of services they offer, whether they are insured, licensed and are experienced in handling garden waste clearance. A licensed and authorised waste clearance company is one that has its operations approved by relevant authorities, including the Environment Authority. This is crucial as many times rubbish clearance also involves handling of toxic or hazardous materials. Expert knowledge in this area is critical to ensure the safe removal of toxic waste.

Check if their services include larger-scale tasks such as building site waste clearance, office clearance and recycling. This is important as you may have a lot of garden rubbish that is biodegradable or suitable for recycling.

  • Read any online reviews on the companies you have listed. A reputable garden clearance company is one that has high ratings and recommendations apart from a good track record of offering the best customer service.

  • The online reviews can help you filter the list further. You can now call up each of the handful of companies that you have zeroed in on. Speaking to the customer care team can give you insights into the company’s way of doing things. Observe if the customer care person is polite, knowledgeable and welcoming or is rude and in a hurry to end the conversation. The type of questions the customer care representative asks can also give you an idea of whether you are dealing with professionals or novices. Some common questions private companies can ask will include address, location, amount of waste and type of garden waste that has to be cleared. The best garden clearance companies in Greenwich also go a step beyond to visit your location to provide a confirmed quote for garden rubbish removal. They can also provide a no-obligation free, rough estimate over the telephone, which helps you plan your expenses ahead.

  • Check if the professional garden clearance company offers same-day services. This is particularly important if you have a lot of accumulated garden rubbish or are moving out of your current location. When time is of the essence, it is important to hire a garden clearance company that offers same day, safe removal of garden rubbish.

  • Last but not least, is to hire a garden clearance company in Greenwich that is focused on sustainable waste clearance. With the City of London aiming to become a zero-waste area by 2030 and to increase the recycling rate to 50 percent, it is important to hire a garden clearance company that is well-versed in recycling. Check if the garden clearance company recycles up to 90 per cent of all waste they collect. This gives you the confidence that your garden waste will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. The other key advantage of hiring a recycling expert is that they will handle the sorting out of the waste and segregate based on what has to be recycled or reused.