The Burden of Waste in London and How You Can Help

Waste Clearance Services in London

Today we're going to discuss the burden of waste in London and how you can help. When residents move out of a home, an office is downsized, a garage remodelled, or a shop closed down, what is left behind is a lot of waste. Broken boards, door frames that have been removed, old things that have been discarded, office supplies that no longer fit into the space, faulty or obsolete fittings- the list is endless.

Often, when you move out to a new place or revamp your existing spaces, you do not plan for the rubbish that the move or remodel will result in. Once you are done, you are stuck with piles of rubbish cluttering up your place. Now, imagine what happens when thousands of Londoners step into remodelling or moving out without a plan for handling the waste they leave behind? As a responsible citizen, the last thing you want to do is add to the burden of waste in the city.

The hazards of letting waste pile up

Is it such a big problem to leave some waste lying around, especially if it is not much, just a few odds and ends from your home as you move out to your new place? Well, the answer is that all of these ‘small’ piles of rubbish can result in a BIG problem in many ways. Take a look at how ignoring rubbish clearance can come with high costs:

  • An accident waiting to happen: Rubbish piles can often become accident-prone zones, especially if you have things that can potentially cause injuries, such as boards with rusted nails and glass panes, both very common if the waste comes from a remodelling project. Children can get into the pile if they are playing in the vicinity and get cut, scraped, or worse. Animals might forage for food in there and get trapped. Even adults might accidentally step on something sharp and sustain injuries.

  • Fire hazard: What does a combination of glass and inflammable waste like cardboard boxes spell out? There is a serious risk of a fire starting up and spreading when you have rubbish piled up that includes inflammable stuff. If you are moving out and there is no one staying at the place, the fire could spread well before anyone spots and stops it. There could be severe damage to not just the property on which the waste has accumulated but also to neighbouring ones, and there is always a risk to life too.

  • A breeding ground for vermin: Piled up boxes, rubble covering the ground, discarded cloth or cardboard- all of these make cosy homes for vermin, like rodents. If you live in a place where snakes are a common sight, you should not be surprised if you find one hiding out in just this kind of rubble. You do not want to be responsible for giving a family of rats or snakes a good home. Remember, vermin can cause not only a lot of nuisance but also damage property, cause physical harm to the people around and spread diseases uncontrolled.

  • The environmental pollution question: Rubbish that has been soaking in the rain for a couple of weeks is not a pleasant sight to see; it does not make for a pleasant experience for your olfactory sense either. Rotting wood or cardboard or discarded materials like cloth can give off a stench that can pollute the neighbourhood within a surprisingly large radius. A neighbourhood that ignores waste clearance looks unkempt and uncared for and smells that way too.

Above all of these reasons, do remember that if you are trying to sell the space you just vacated or rent it out, leaving a pile of rubbish somewhere on it is not the greatest way to make it look appealing. A property that looks neat and appears like it is cared for is the one that attracts buyers and renters quickly and easily. It gives the buyer or potential tenant the impression that the property is likely to be in perfect condition since it has been meticulously cared for by the previous occupants. Rubbish clearance may be the simplest way for you to ensure your home or office space sells for a good price or garners a good rental value.

But is there a solution to get rid of the waste?

Thankfully, yes, and the solution is right at hand. Most people do not want to leave their rubbish lying around when they vacate a home or office. They just leave it there because they do not know how to get the waste clearance done. That’s where the services of an expert waste removal business come in handy. With a trained, experienced professional at your service, you can hand over your garden or home clearance troubles to them.

That said, you need to ensure that the people who are taking charge have the right training and the right equipment to complete the task effectively and safely. After all, you do not want the job to be left half done. What you should be looking for is a team of experienced professionals who have several similar projects to their credit that will tell you they have the right expertise. Another critical aspect you should check for is if they are insured in the right way to handle the job.

At the same time, you do not want the rubbish clearance to be a long drawn job because letting the waste lying around can be hazardous. An experienced waste clearance service has the equipment to cart your rubbish away quickly and efficiently to the right spot for disposal in the shortest possible time.

Remember that your service provider should be well aware of how to handle different kinds of waste in the best way, thus making the process cost-efficient as well. Keep these aspects in mind before you settle on a rubbish removal service to handle your rubbish removal in Bexley or garden clearance in Bromley or your office clearance in Greenwich or any other similar service in the London and Kent area.