What to Look for in A House Clearance Company

House Clearance in Croydon

Today we will discover what to look for in a house clearance company for your Croydon home. A house clearance is a challenging and laborious task that is best handled by a professional house clearance company. Whether you are moving to a new place in Croydon or wish to get rid of accumulated clutter, hiring a genuine and efficient house clearance company is crucial to getting the result you want.

7 questions to ask to hire the best house clearance company

Here are some of the questions that can help you choose the best house clearance company in Croydon.

  • Is the company licensed and insured?

Check if the house clearance company in Croydon is insured against any possible damage to your property. House clearance carries risks of accidents, injury, slips and falls, which can result in personal injury as well as property damage. A public liability insurance protects the company against claims of property damage or personal injury, which ensures any awards or claims made by you are paid.

The other important aspect to check is if they have a valid waste carrier’s license. The most reliable house clearance company Croydon area has is the one that is registered with the EA (Environment Agency). Additionally, rubbish clearance companies that remove building site rubbish or demolition rubbish need to be also registered as waste carriers.

House clearance companies that are not licensed are likely to resort to unlawful waste disposal that poses a significant threat to the environment. You can ask for the house clearance company’s license number, and cross-check the same with the Environment Agency by calling their number.

  • Is their website genuine, transparent, and does it offer complete information?

With the multitude of online tools available, anyone can create a website for free. One of the most crucial aspects of hiring a reliable house clearance company is to check their website thoroughly. Having a website alone may not mean the company is accountable or reliable. Many professional looking websites do not live up to the promises they make and can be fraudulent. However, going over the website can give you an idea about the rubbish clearance company. Look at the amount of information they provide, the years of experience the company has, the kind of services offered, the areas covered and whether they are licensed and insured.

  • · Does the company website show a registered office address?

If a house clearance company provides only a contact number, the chances are of it being fraudulent are high. Check if the company website displays a registered office address. You can verify if the address is genuine by either visiting it if you are nearby or checking on Google maps.

  • What types of household items do they clear?

Make a list of the household items that you need to dispose of in your Croydon home. Based on this list, check if the house clearance company in Croydon has the expertise to remove these items. Many house clearance companies do not offer partial house clearance, such as removal of an oven or sofa. There are other rubbish clearance companies that offer services only to businesses or commercial establishments. If you have any hazardous materials that you want removed, it is all the more important to check if the house clearance company has the permit and licenses to handle these items.

When you have bulky household items that you are looking to get rid of, it is crucial to hire an experienced, licensed and insured house clearance company that specialises in the removal of:

● Stair-lifts

● Garden shed/gazebo

● Fitted wardrobe

● Fitted kitchen

● Floor/wall tiles and laminate flooring

● Sharps

● Animal or human waste

● Verminous waste

● decaying food waste

● Garden waste

● Hazardous materials such as asbestos, fridge and some electrical components

● Boats, machinery, caravan, motor vehicles

● Concrete, soil, glass, or wood rubble

· Does the house clearance company recycle and if yes, to what extent?

A reliable house clearance company is one that is committed to recycling, donating and reusing household items. Reputable firms genuinely try to limit or avoid the number of items that go to the landfill. Check how much of the items the company clears are recycled. Leading rubbish removal companies in Croydon recycle up to 90 per cent of the rubbish they clear.

This is particularly important given the goals of achieving 65 per cent recycling targets by 2030. London also aims to be a zero-waste city going forward, and it is every resident’s as well as rubbish clearance company’s responsibility to support this target.

  • Does the company offer transparent pricing?

One of the signs of a bogus company is that they offer too much for a very low price. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Talk to the customer support team to find out if the company offers transparent pricing. Genuine companies offer a rough estimate over the phone and visit your home to provide an accurate quote that helps avoid hidden costs and unpleasant surprises when it comes to the overall cost.

You can also compare the quotes offered by different companies that offer services in Croydon. However, it is important to note that cost alone may not be the deciding factor. The company’s reputation, efficiency and experience are some of the most important factors that you need to consider before hiring.

Reputed house clearance companies also offer a no-obligation quote free of charge. You can help the company give you as accurate an estimate as possible by giving a detailed description of the household items you want cleared.

  • Do they offer same-day rubbish clearance?

When you are looking for the most reliable and efficient house clearance service Croydon borough has on offer, check if the company provides same-day rubbish clearance. Speed, efficiency and safety are the three key aspects of professional house clearance. Top house clearance companies have a team of licensed and experienced waste management experts who can quickly and efficiently remove and dispose of unwanted house waste without compromising on safety. They are also well versed in handling any scale of house clearance ranging from a full house clearance that can include garage, garden shed, loft, basement and other bulky item clearance in one day.

This can save a lot of hassles apart from also being cost-effective as compared to hiring and loading a skip all by yourself.